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    (Media-Newswire.com) - On the season finale part one of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, the words pernicious and Machiavellian were shown in clips from this season's show uttered by Camille Grammer about other cast members.  The words were considered fodder for the show due to the nature in which said.

    During a reunion show, Camille grammer was shown using the two terms in various clips from this season's episodes.  Grammer admitted that she was an English major in college and did know what the words meant when discussing another cast member's behavior.

    Grammer is locked in a heated Hollywood battle with former 'Cheers' star Kelsey Grammer to whom she is married for 13 years.  Camille recently found out that her husband was having an affair while away in New York performing on Broadway.

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