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mary harvey

     i did not invite you to continue talking about your personal business. There are more things that are of paramount importance to our community, We want to deal with this and move on.”

    Harvey appeared to agree with this saying that she has been silent lately as she was thinking what this scandal would do to their families and the community, adding that “keeping quiet hasn’t served me physically. It hasn’t served our son. I have suffered physically because of it. I’m not in good health right now.”

    Mary Harvey, comedian Steve Harvey’s wife has appeared this morning on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, where the radio host said he wanted to help find them a solution in this scandal they have started. Joyner said: How did this start? Steve Harvey filed a suit against Mary in Texas, accusing her of turning Oprah against him, making him miss the opportunity of having his own show on the Oprah Winfrey Network. Mary then made a series of videos for Youtube accusing Steve of cheating on her and leaving her broke.

    Mary said to Joyner that her intentions were to expose Harvey as he really is, clearly NOT a relationship expert. “I think the apology should be given to the women who have been deceived into buying the books and who have perceived him as being a pillar of the community,” she said.

    She also talked about how this affects the development of her son: “My other concern is for my son who is in [Steve’s] house and is looking to his father as a role model. What he’s learning is that it’s not good to support your wife.”

    Joyner finally said that he would try to arrange a meeting between the two to overcome this problem once and forever. He ended the interview saying “Steve and I are friends – we might be friends after this, I don’t know.”

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mary harvey

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