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Find Out Which Family Member Is Dying on Brothers & Sisters

    Brothers and Sisters
    Death comes for the Walkers. Again.

    Insiders confirm to us that an upcoming episode of ABC's Brothers & Sisters centers around the passing of someone in the Walker family. We're not going to lie, it's not a regular castmember, but it's someone we've met before who has a great deal of influence over the family. So whose demise causes so much grief for Nora (Sally Field) and her children?

    WANT MORE? Follow @JenniferArrow on Twitter Nora and Saul's (Ron Rifkin) difficult mom Ida Holden (Marion Ross) passes away later this season. Out of respect for Ida's Jewish heritage, the funeral is held as quickly as possible and a rabbi will officiate. In the wake of this personal upheaval, Richard Chamberlain's Jonathan returns to reconnect with Saul. The death also kicks off a quarterlife crisis for Justin (Dave Annable), who turns 30 around the same time his grandmother passes away.

    Ida's death occurs in episode 18 and will air some time this spring.

    Brothers & Sisters airs Sunday at 10 p.m. on ABC.

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Find Out Which Family Member Is Dying on Brothers & Sisters

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