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Super Mario Themed Cars made by Sherod Grayer

    Super Mario Themed Cars made by Sherod Grayer, There's so many things that we can do to express our love to a certain stuff, This 25 year old guys from Warner Robins, Georgia are really the big fans of Super Mario Games on Nintendo. he played around with the idea of a Nintendo-themed car, five years ago, but inspired by other theme paint jobs, he decided to turn his virtual design into a real car. So he started working on his 1991 Chevy Caprice, turning it from an old, outdated ride, into a cool ride any Nintendo fan would be happy to own. Everything you see in the photos below, both on the inside and the outside, was designed by Sherod himself.

    Seen from the outside, Sherod’s Nintendo-themed Caprice doesn’t look that impressive, since it doesn’t have any distinctive features apart from the spray-painted NES controllers, but the interior is a whole other matter. The colors alone scream Nintendo, and the custom-made seats and headrests featuring Mario, Luigi and the Nintendo logo let everyone know they’re about to set foot in a geeky shrine on wheels.

    Here's the Pictures of this Super Mario Themed Cars made by Sherod Grayer.

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Super Mario Themed Cars made by Sherod Grayer

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