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Tiny MP3 Player - Sony NWZ-W260 MP3 For Sports Enthusiasts

    Tiny MP3 Player - Sony NWZ-W260 MP3 For Sports Enthusiasts, Sony release a new MP3 player with a water resistant feature. This Tiny MP3 Player which is called as Sony NWZ-W260 was specially designed for sports enthusiasts, it can also prevent sweat for enter the earphones and keep the earphones from water/sweat damage. The earphone of this Tiny MP3 player was also washable so you can stick out the smell of your sweat from this device.

    Sony NWZ - W260 is a tiny MP3 player which includes a memory / capacity of 2 or 4 Gb to choose from and for convenience, the MP3 player is also light enough so this won't interfere your sports activities. NWZ - W260 also comes with rechargeable function quickly ( quick charge ) where the rechargeable battery for 3 minutes, you can re use it for 60 minutes.

    In the purchase package of this Tiny MP3 Player from sony, is also provided Content Transfer app that allows us to transfer the song by way of " Drag Drop & " either through iTunes, Windows Media Player or Windows Explorer though.

    Sony NWZ - W260 consists of 2 pieces of black and white colors and will be launched in August 2011 with a price of $ 59.99 ( 2GB ) and $ 79.99 (4 GB ). So will you buy this Cool Amazing one piece Mp3 player with earphone?

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Tiny MP3 Player - Sony NWZ-W260 MP3 For Sports Enthusiasts

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