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The Largest Working NES Controller

    Engineering students at the Dutch University of TU Delft Has made the World's Largest Working NES Controller. NES or known as Nintendo Entertainment system was a classic Game console. Long time ago Super Mario Bros and tetris became famous from this game console It's really nostalgic for me.

    The controller is nearly 12 feet by 5 feet (3.6 meters by 1.6 meters) or 30 times larger than the Original NES Controller, and was meticulously assembled by the students at main market place of Delft. It was plugged to a standard NES and connected to a giant display, with a huge controller like that how can we press the button?

    Though, it should be duly noted that there was no official confirmation from the Guinness Book of World Records about this conception being the world’s largest NES controller.

    Here's the Pictures of the Mammoth NES Controller. I wonder why he didn't invent a Large Version of PS3 Controller.

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The Largest Working NES Controller

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