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Lamar Odom possibly being traded; Kardashian spin-off show suggestions

    Lamar Odom has been in the Los Angeles area for almost his entire NBA career, playing first for the Clippers and now for the Lakers. But numerous outlets are reporting that the Lakers are shopping Odom around the NBA during the current draft - can his reality star wife Khloe Kardashian handle a move to another city?

    Sports Illustrated is reporting there is a possible deal being discussed between Los Angeles and Philadelphia. We're fairly sure Khloe could handle Philly. It's not the flashy LA or Miami she's used to, but it's very close to New York.

    CBS Sports says there was talk of a Lakers-Warriors trade, which would send Lamar and Khloe up the coast to Oakland. That might not be too bad. It's still in California. Heck, she'd probably just stay in LA.

    There was another report from the LA Times that the Lakers tried to trade Odom to the Minnesota Timberwolves. Now that would be funny - "Keeping Up with the Kold Kardashians."

    There are absolutely no talks of it, but it'd be pretty funny if Kris Humphries (Kim Kardashian's man and NBA player) and Lamar Odom ended up with the Oklahoma City Thunder. "Kim and Khloe ... Find Oklahoma on a Map." We spell spin-off!

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Lamar Odom possibly being traded; Kardashian spin-off show suggestions

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