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Pic3D Film makes your LCD into a 3D Display

    Pic3D Film makes your LCD into a 3D Display - Now with the helps of Pic3D Sheet Films you can make any LCD Screen such as Notebook LCD Screen, LCD TV Screen or even Smartphone LCD screen into a 3D Screen. Cool huh?

    Today there's so many device such as Laptops, Tablet PC, TV or even smartphone comes with a 3D Display, but unfortunately the price of the 3D Display was still expensive today. concerning about that so Global Wave Company launched Pic3D Sheet a unique stuff that can convert your ordinary LCD into a 3D Display.

    Pic3D Sheet is a layer of an LCD screen that could transform the ordinary LCD into a 3D Screen that can display a 3D movie without the help of 3D glasses. this Pic3D Sheet films was made by Global Wave company, this Sheet will be putting out a layer of 3D screens in several sizes ranging from for the iPhone, 10 inch, 12.1 inch, 21.5 inch to 23 inch.

    But to make films that displayed a 3D format, we have to install a given application to convert 2D to 3D format, a little trouble but instead of buying an expensive 3D monitor, which is troublesome little matter of course.

    Pict3D Sheet will be sold from 2000 yen ( Around $18) for the small size of the iPhone to 15,000 yen ( Around $175 ) for 23 inch monitor. Cheap right?

    Here's the Video of Pic3D Films Sheet and how it will turn your Ordinary LCD Screen into a 3D Display.

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Pic3D Film makes your LCD into a 3D Display

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