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World's Most Expensive Diamond Rings

    World's Most Expensive Diamond Rings, What kind of Diamond is the most expensive in this worlds? Usually woman use a diamond rings as an Engagement rings, Diamonds itself has divided into a large types. each types of the Diamond has a different shape and carats.

    Here's the list of the Most Expensive Diamond Rings Ever Complete with the description on each of the diamond rings.

    1. A rare pink diamond ring

    Price: $10.8 million

    An amazing pink diamond ring that is studded with five carats of diamond is the world’s most expensive diamond ring. The ring was auctioned in Honk Kong for a record $10.8 million.

    2. The vivid blue diamond ring :

    Price: $7.9 million

    Next in the most expensive list is the vivid blue diamond ring that was sold at the Sotheby’s auction. The ring weighs six carats and has a beautiful blue diamond. The diamonds are set on a platinum ring with emerald cut diamonds on both the sides of the blue diamond.

    3. Oval-cut diamond ring

    Price: $4.2 million

    A pure white diamond ring that fetched $4.2 million at Christie’s Important Jewels sale in New York is next on the list. An oval cut diamond that weighs 46.51-carat is placed in a platinum ring and has VVS2 diamond mounted with E color clarity.

    4. Elizabeth Taylor diamond ring

    Price: $ 1.3 million

    This platinum diamond ring is from the Elizabeth Taylor Jewelry House, Los Angeles and costs $ 1.3 million. The stunning oval diamond ring weighs 5.98 carats and is surrounded by 3.96 carats of round diamonds making a flower around it.

    5. De Beers Platinum diamond ring

    Price : $1.83 million

    The De Beers Platinum diamond ring perfectly dazzles in nine-carat diamond stone. This beautiful piece of jewelry costs $1.83 million.

    6. Novo Yellow diamond ring

    Price: $1.35 million

    Although this ring is last on the list, this is surely one of the most attractive pieces of ring one can have. The yellow color of the ring is what makes it different from other regular rigs. This Novo Yellow diamond ring was sold by Tiffany’s for $1.35 million. The diamond weighs 25.27 karats and is set in a yellow gold platinum ring.

    So Will you buy those World's most Expensive diamond rings for your fiancee or your wife? Diamonds is an eternal symbol of love and caring. If you have much money why don't you complete it with this list of the world's Most Expensive Woman Handbags?

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World's Most Expensive Diamond Rings

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