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High Heels made from Human Hair

    High Heels made from Human hair? Is it possible? well there's nothing impossible if you have dreams, the Taiwanese hairdresser has made a bizarre high heels that made from a human hair!!!, 54 years old Tsai Shiou-ying was the Owner of a small hair salon in the small Taiwanese city of Taichung, she won various awards for her cutting skills, she decided to explore the artistic side by using the discarded hair of her customer to made an artwork. wow what a bizarre artwork by using a human hair.

    She recently showed off some of her creations, including beautiful brooches, a life-size pineapple made from hair, a rat sculpture, and her pride and joy – a pair of high-heel shoes. “I personally love high heels very much, but I am flat-footed. I can only look at them and try them on, but if I buy them they will only be stored away until mold grows. I can’t wear them, so I want to make a pair of heels that I really like. This way, even if I can’t wear them, at least I created a work of art,” Tsai told to Reuters.

    A single pair of “hairy” high-heels takes a whole month to make, and Tsai Shiou-ying needs hair from at least three people to made a this Hair High Heels, usually friends and neighbors. She says only real hair can be used to create her unusual artworks, as artifcial hair simply can’t handle all the heat and super glue she uses. Tsai is now planning to start work on hair dresses and corsets.

    Hmmm the Hair High Heels is just a good idea. well i wonder if i can buy these high heels.

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High Heels made from Human Hair

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