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Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Goes Full-On Nicki Minaj/ Catwoman

    Last week, Lady Gaga stepped out of the Thierry Mugler fashion show at the Gymnase Japy in Paris to head over to a restaurant called Maxim's, dressed only like Gaga would: in head-to-toe, sheer leopard print (even showing off her skivvies), and -- DUH! -- enormous platform boots. It's very Catwoman, if Catwoman's wardrobe was transparent.

    Judging by the web site for Maxim's, the place reeks of a retro, roaring-'20s aesthetic, which -- frankly -- totally clashes with Gaga's outfit, you guys! If we're going all the way back to the beginning of the 20th century, Gaga might as well have at least worn one of those butt bustle thingies. Ah well, she's already got the lipstick going for her. Lipstick was around in the '20s, right?

    On the other hand, maybe Nicki Minaj has been in heavy rotation on Gaga's iPod -- or at least popping up in her RSS reader-- considering the two superstars continue to narrow the gap between the respective far-out planets from which they find their casual wear.

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Star Spotting: Lady Gaga Goes Full-On Nicki Minaj/ Catwoman

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