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Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson: Let the Paparazzi Ex Games Begin!

    Scarlett Johansson and her rumored about new beau, Sean Penn, may be heating up local and foreign locales, but ScarJo's supergorge ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds, doesn't seem to be wasting any time as a lonely, single, broken-hearted fool, either. Hmmm, do we have a paparazzi moving-on war brewing here in there works?

    See, after the casual, yet sexy, photo from Scarlett and Sean's lunch date was released earlier in the week, Ry is apparently rebutting with some sweet pics of his own—and he isn't standing alone.

    Ryan is seeing their quickie trip to Mexico and plans for a Haitian trip and raising them...
    One pretty, butt-grabbing blondie in South Africa! constitucion de empresas en republica dominicana
    We got these supercomfy photos of Ry getting touchy with a young, pixie-cut-rocking hottie. I mean, it's no under-the-table crotch rub, but her hand is pretty close to Ryan's nice backside isn't it?

    The mystery girl, who's as fetching as she is digitally talented, is all smiles in every single shot, but her petite self fits and looks perfect on the scruffy stud's hip. Are they dating? Just friends? Did they meet at the same flannel shirt shop and instantly decide to hang? What's up?

    Ryan's rep was absolutely no help in the matter when we asked.

    Now, if they are an item, this girl may actually be some fierce competition for Ry's beautiful ex-wifey. That is if the woman even cares. Scar has bigger things to worry about, right? Like, Haiti and Sean's below-the-belt itches.

    While that love affair plans on saving the world, Reynolds has been on location in Cape Town for the past month filming his new movie Safe House with Denzel Washington.

    Or so it seems. Oh, and before everyone starts assuming these precious snap shots are just some cute moments captured on set, nope. Ryan's whatever was just on the set watching as he was working, and then left with him afterward, butt in hand. Guess it's time to shut up and let the pics speak for themselves.

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Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson: Let the Paparazzi Ex Games Begin!

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