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michael woodmansee

    Michael Woodmansee to be Released 12 Years Early - Victim's Father Threatens Him

    Michael Woodmansee has been threatened by the father of his victim, 5-year-old Jason Foreman. In 1975, the cannibal killed 5-year-old Jason Foreman, and he hid this fact until 1982 when he attempted to kill a paper boy in South Kingston.

    The convict, Michael Woodmansee, is up for release due to good behavior, but the boy’s father has threatened to kill his son’s murderer if he is let out of jail. John Foreman called a local radio station and said, "If this man is released anywhere in my vicinity or if I can find him after the fact, I do intend to kill this man."

    This is actually not surprising. Although it has been 36 years since Jason was so brutally killed and 28 years since Michael Woodmansee has been locked up for a 40-year prison sentence, it still doesn’t change what the cannibal did to John Foreman’s innocent 5-year-old son. Most parents could understand the rage.

    What Michael Woodmansee did was disgusting and horrifying. The only way he was caught was after trying to lure another young boy years later. He was only sentenced to 40 years, which is rather unbelievable. Now he is going to be released sometime in August at the still young age of 52 after serving just 28 years.

    This man should not get out of prison. John Foreman should not have to worry about Michael Woodmansee being free to roam the world before the 40 years is up. Hopefully he will not be released good behavior or not.

    Michael Woodmansee Threatened by Victim's Father

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michael woodmansee

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