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Justin Bieber Plays...Matchmaker?

    It's slowly becoming Justin Bieber's world and we just happen to live in it.

    Seriously, the world's most famous teen pop star's name and face are everywhere—from dolls to bedding to Silly Bandz and now, of course, to his own friggin' movie.

    Justin Bieber
    What could possibly be next? How about giving the Millionaire Matchmaker a run for her money…

    Turns out, the Biebster isn't only thinking of himself when it comes to romance. Just ask Jon Chu, the director of Never Say Never. "The other day, he was like, 'Dude, you need a girlfriend,'" Chu tells me. "I was like, 'Yeah, tell me about it, but your fans are too young!" But then Justin said, 'You know, they have older sisters.'"

    Bieber's already hooked Chu up...sorta. "It's amazing how many Facebook friends I've gotten," Chu laughs. As for Twitter, Chu had about 12,000 followers when he directed Step Up 3-D. As of today, he has 168,439. He laughs again, "It went up 100,000 in the first few days of [Never Say Never] being announced."

    So, who's excited to see Never Say Never? Sound off below.

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Justin Bieber Plays...Matchmaker?

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