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Christian Bale Meltdown Advice for Charlie Sheen? "Impossible

    Christian Bale
    Nobody understands "meltdown" better than Christian Bale. Not only is he genius at it onscreen, he's also had some personal experience, as anyone who heard his infamous on-set rant a while back.

    But, now that Bale's added a very painful to watch chemically-infused descent (as he does in The Fighter, which won him a Best Supporting Oscar), what does he think when he witnesses real-life meltdown man Charlie Sheen?
    "As I said, been in China," Bale said to great laughter backstage, where the handsome Welshman had explained he's been traveling abroad.

    But then he added, perhaps more seriously, "Honestly, no clue, it's impossible [to say]."

    To tell you the truth, I didn't think there was a chance in hell I was going to get anything with that question.

    As soon as I said the word "meltdown," Bale, who's usually a bit more game, looked at me like I just said his big Oscar win was a mistake.

    Too bad. Because it's clear we haven't even seen the half of what's in store for us with all things beyond crazy and Charlie.

    Would have loved to hear what the experts who play these freaks have to say in the matter.

    Wouldn't you?

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Christian Bale Meltdown Advice for Charlie Sheen? "Impossible

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